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Optimised Operations
About Optimised Operations

Optimised Operations Limited is a management consultancy which specialises in releasing cash from a company's operations, either through Operations Improvement, Restructuring or Cost Avoidance Programmes.

Optimised Operations have a wide range of operations management consultancy services that are focussed on delivering rapid benefits to the bottom-line.  We operate through a combination of full time staff and a network of seasoned associates with a depth of knowledge spanning over many industry sectors and extensive experience of integrated and tiered Supply Chain restructuring solutions and Operations Improvement methods.

Before we offer any advise or solutions, we work closely with our clients to develop a deep understanding with regard to their products, markets, processes, organisation, technology and external environment.  Optimised Operations Ltd have the people, experience and know-how to assist companies in identifying their own unique operation improvement solutions in order to fully optimise their business.

We have also developed a number of innovative and flexible approaches which can be customised to meet the precise needs of each individual assignment.  Including a capability in all phases of Lean & operations improvement programmes, from training development to the implementation of Lean within a global manufacturing operation.  In fact, our consultants have done lean from "Ships to Chips".  Originally with experience gained from the Automotive industry, they transferred their expertise in lean manufacturing into its implementation in low tech, low volume UK Ship Building through to high tech, high volume global Disk Drive production.

Optimised Operations also specialise in Operations Due Diligence and Operations Diagnostics to assist financial services, investment banking and venture capital companies with mergers and acquisitions.